Fulfillment and Services for E-shops

Fulfillment and other services for e-shops are according to capacity ever growing services of ESA Logistika. We have been providing these for 10 years and that is mainly for big partners in e-commerce business in regime B2B but also B2C. In 2022 we took over all the activities of the company Vlkova partners s.r.o. including employees, orders, services and nearly 30 year old know-how. Thus we extended the spectrum of our services and gained more capacities.

Our services for e-shops do not include only typical fulfillment services related to mainly excellently managed logistics from transportation, taking goods, warehousing to delivering particular deliveries to the recipients. We can offer a lot of other supportive and administrative services which enables to release human and time capacities for e-shops and so they can increase their efficiency in business: 


Data transfer icon

Regular reciprocal data transfer with using EDI between our and costumer´s systems or operating directly in customer´s system – fulfillment without up-to-date data cannot be effectively provided

Fulfillment - Icon transport to ESA logistika or customer premises

International and domestic transport of goods from producers / wholesalers to our own premisses or to customer´s premises

Customs clearance icon

Customs clearance – solving administrative and customs actions related to import and export of goods

Fulfillment - Icon of taking goods into the warehouse

Taking over goods to warehouses, putting these data into the system (WMS), placing goods to warehouse according to categories, reporting accepted goods

Fulfillment - Warehousing Icon

Warehousing according to requirements and character of goods; several thermal regimes and different ways of storing are available

Value added services Icon

Treatment of goods, repacking, adapting for local markets – translations and production of printed and graphic accompanying documents, completion, promotion actions, VAS

Fulfillment - Goods picking and packing service icon

Picking and packaging orders for final costumer according to orders and directives and rules of e-shop

Goods removal service icon

Removal from storage, handing over goods to distribution service to final recipient, reporting removed goods

Fulfillment - Distribution of goods icon

Distribution to the final recipient including accompanying documents (invoice, delivery note, etc.) through our own transport or handing over to delivery service, return logistics (unaccepted and returned goods)

Cash payment service icon

In case of using our own distribution services it is possible to pay orders in cash, money is send to the account of e-shop – costumer

Fulfillmant - Return logistics Icon

Return logistics of sent back or claimed orders to warehouse or to given place for solving claims (retour), putting in the information system and further solutions

Additional Services for E-shops

Additional Services for E-shops - Processing of data Icon

Processing of data – putting in of data to the system, administration, saving, and assessing data including regular and ad-hoc reporting according to e-shop requirements

Additional Services for E-shops - Call centre services - Icon

Call centre services – customer solutions according to the submitters´ needs, communication with end customers, quick and effective offer for chosen target group

Additional Services for E-shops - Phone service Icon

Phone service – order receiving, customer surveys, feedback related to services and products

Additional Services for E-shops - Communication services icon

Communication services for shipment shops

Additional Services for E-shops - Direct marketing Icon

Direct marketing, active and passive telemarketing, direct mail, e-mail marketing, sending of catalogues and promotion materials

Other marketing services icon

Other marketing services – scope of marketing services in electronic and other media including designs, suggestions, production and campaign management

Additional services icon

Additional services – sending small orders on request (catalogues, invoices, letters…), finding and inspection of orders, creating and management of services numbers, management of projects on social networks

Detailed description of chosen services

Fulfillment, looking into the warehouse when collecting packed orders for distribution


Fulfilment service for e-shops presence complex solution of orders with all necessary steps towards correct and well-timed order delivery to end customer. Information flows between logistics service provider, e-shop and end customers are a sure thing. The whole system from taking over goods through packaging and distribution is always set together with e-shop management in order to meat their requirements as much as possible. E-shop logisticians and our employees form a team whose target is the highest efficiency while following all the required parameters. According to the needs of individual submitters (e-shops) it is possible to use all the complex service of fulfilment or only its particular parts. Our goal is to reach satisfaction of management and owners of e-shops and as well as end costumers i.e. order parties and goods recipients.

Additional Services for E-shops - Call center services - view of call center location, people on the phone with headsets

Call Centre Services

Call centre has trained and competent operators at professional level. Currently it provides mainly phone services targeting to incoming calls. Customer who choses fashionable clothes or other products in the catalogue is served by phone. Operator processes the order according to the requirement or advices with size and gives all other necessary information. If necessary they help with returning goods, they transfer money for returned goods, they help with claims, or they are able to help also in case of loss of goods. All this process is in highest quality, which is daily checked and employees are trained on a daily basis.
Operators communicate also through other channels such as mail, chat, Messenger etc. Such a fast and effective communication is essential for staying competitive and thus call centre accents its importance. End costumers´ satisfaction with our call centre opens space for other orders, because costumers come with new orders and recommend us to others.

Additional Services for E-shops - Handling complaints and returns - checking and repackaging returned or claimed goods in a warehouse environment

Solution of Claims and Management of Returned Orders (Retoure)

All the goods, which are returned or rejected go through checking. In most cases it is necessary to do smaller or rather more demanding readjustments in order to reach original quality. After opening returned order we unpack given goods from protective packages then we compare data from delivery note and we check the quality. (If they contain a new order we process it.) The following step is folding and straightening of goods into desired shape or we fix goods with different items like clasps, descriptions, manuals etc. Then we put these goods into new fresh foil or another packaging for example into carton where it is necessary according to the original packaging. Then the goods are closed into packaging and sealed or secured by another safe closing. Newly packed and perfectly arrange goods (not only in case of clothes) are mark by labels so they could be sent to warehouse and after an order to be prepared for another customer.
All the goods that we process must go to the customer in the best quality not only because our biggest client strictly requires it but also because of our norms.

Additional Services for E-shops - Data processing - a view into the office. where data is processed. people working on computers

Data Processing

The department deals with mainly electronic processing of customer orders currently for several international fashion catalogues. It includes not only input of return customer orders to the client database, but also solution of claims and returned goods. Customers database of their accounts is regularly updated. We guarantee 100 % security of personal data.
Fast processing of big volume of data is a sure thing everyday. The reason of this is mainly our effort to remove goods immediately to the customers address. It enables us deliveries in the shortest possible times. Our priority is not only quantity, bat also quality of provided services. It is reach by long-time know-how by mainly our regular employees who are regularly trained with long time practice.

Fulfillment and services for e-shops represent an important part of the development of our services directed outside the classic areas of logistics in accordance with our LOGISTEED business model.

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