Fundamental ESA logistika politics


Our goal is the full satisfaction of our customers. Our business philosophy is to provide services that exactly match the customer’s needs while working closely with their team to meet all logistics requirements and needs. Efficiency, quality of service and their continuous improvement are essential for us. Effective logistics is very important for the overall efficiency of any company. Although we work in several countries, we are one big team with one goal. Our approach summarizes the motto: OUR TEAM FOR YOUR EFFICIENCY.



ESA logistika pays attention to the environmental aspects of its activities with the intention of minimizing negative environmental impact of its business. Due to this, ESA logistika fulfilled all requirements to receive an ISO 14001 certificate and, in addition, defined its own environmental rules and goals. There are three pillars of ESA logistika’s environmental policy:


Prevention of climate change

  • Reduction of air pollution from vehicles operation by reducing all harmful emissions.
  • Operation of vehicles with low emissions.


Renewability of resources

  • Increase in the level of waste separation and recycling.
  • Realization of reverse logistics.
  • Controlled reduction of empty kilometres (rides without load).


Protection of ecosystems

  • Reduction of electricity consumption. 
  • Renewal of greenery and providing transport support for greenery extension and maintenance projects.


The same environmental principles as ESA logistics follows, the company requires from its contractors. 

Our concrete activities and facts in the field of protection of environment.:


93 % of ESA logistika fleet meets EURO 6 standards

We restrict number of kilometres without load (we plan routes by satellite navigation)

We continually improve our drivers’ skills and consistently take care of the technical condition of our vehicles, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions

We use 30 tonnes trucks to lower number of rides

We use energy-saving LED lights in our warehouses

We are intensively dealing with the possibilities of using trucks powered by electricity and hydrogen with the aim of continuing to reduce emissions

We cooperate with other institutions and companies in the field of future hydrogen mobility

We consistently sort and recycle waste and motivate employees to save water, electricity and reduce consumption of paper for printing

Work safety

The company management defines this policy according to the effects of its activities, products and services on the safety of employees and the protection of their health.

The company management fully agrees with the following elementary priorities and objectives in the field of work safety and commits to their observance and fulfilment:

  • To ensure the observance of all valid legal regulations and standards in the field of work safety and protection of health.
  • To identify any health and safety risks, including their classification according to the seriousness and probability. To accept measures to minimize the identified risks, such as regular training, education, introduction of the latest technologies and security equipment.
  • To regularly evaluate the fulfilment of the objectives defined to ensure work safety at company’s management meetings. To scrutinize all suggestions and findings that could cause or have already caused serious injuries, health impairment, emergency situations or losses. To accept measures preventing the reoccurrence of these situations based on the evaluated findings.
  • To increase the employees’ awareness of their influence on the safety of their colleagues and of their own. To suitably motivate all company employees to observe safety at all levels. To continuously increase and verify the managers’ knowledge of work safety.
  • Thoroughly investigate on-site injuries, driver accidents and prevent situations with high probability of health-related harm by pointing out nearmisses.
  • To cooperate with our contractual partners, suppliers and customers in order to improve work safety and protection of health at all our workplaces.
  • The principles of the work safety policy are binding for all company employees. 

Supplier relationships

We emphasize and promote fair business practices, openness, etiquette and equal opportunities in our relationships with suppliers. We promote team cooperation with regard to the continuous value enhancement both for us and our partners. We expect that our suppliers will accept the values and principles we are striving to enforce in our own activities.


Personal data protection

ESA logistika handles personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679 (GDPR).

> Principles of personal data processing – Information for job applicants
> Principles of personal data processing – Information for business partners, contact persons and visitors

ESA logistika is an active part of the LOGISTEED project and world logistic company LOGISTEED, Ltd.

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