10 x 10

10 Experts in 10-minute power speeches about the trends and future of logistics

26th of September 2019

Guido Mine, Zabrze

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of ESA logistika Polish branch, we decided to organize an expert discussion session planned on the 26th of September 2019 in Zabrze at the Guido Coal Mine. To co-create this event, we invited the best Specialists of various logistics areas. Our goal is not to organize another industry conference, but to gather inspirational Speakers, who are able to present their point of view in 10-minutes speech about market trends and to defend it in a discussions with other Experts 

After the discussion part, we plan networking, that helps to establish or to tight cooperation between Guests, among which there will be representatives of the management boards of production companies, providers of services and equipment for logistics, representatives of associations and universities. 

3 Maja 93, 41-800 Zabrze, Polska

Organisational informations:

Place: Guido Coal Mine, 41-800 Zabrze, 3 Maja 93 Street 

Location specificity: the event will take place in mining chambers 320 meters underground, elevator ride takes place in the dark and lasts several dozens of minutes, the temperature below ground is 13-16 (and in the conference room about 20 degrees Celsius); there is Wi-Fi, despite the lack of coverage mobile telephony, despite talking about the mines, it is a modern conference and restaurant center with full support, a smoking room available

Entrance to the mine: it is necessary to have an identity document with a photo to show before entrance – personal data will be collected only in the form of an attendance list, for security reasons, on the day of the event and will not be collected or processed in any way after the event

Moving around the mine area: possible with the Guide company, partly (during entry and exit) in protective helmets

Driving directions: map reference: 50°17’23″N  18°47’29″E 

Translation: Polish-English translation included 

Parking: after entering the coal mine area, parking places are available for Speakers and Guests 


Event agenda


  • 11:00 a.m.
Elevator ride to 320m level under ground and welcoming the Guests 
  • 12:00
  • 12:10
10 x 10 – 10-minute power speeches by 10 Experts
Adam Chazanow

Adam Chazanow

Graphene Partners

The changing 3PL landscape: opportunities and risks for logistics operators

Łukasz Chwalczuk

Łukasz Chwalczuk


How the lack of drivers on the market evens the odds between the sender, the forwarder and the carrier and affects the responsibility for the goods?

Beata Cichocka-Tylman

Beata Cichocka-Tylman

BCT Doradztwo

How to co-finance development using Tax reliefs?

Monika Duda

Monika Duda

M4 Real Estate

Golden years on the warehouse market. And what are the perspectives?

Barbara Galińska

Barbara Galińska

Politechnika Łódzka

Theory or practice – the role of universities in shaping the future of logistics

Mariusz Gerałtowski

Mariusz Gerałtowski

Polish Supply Management Leaders

Competence gap and Supply Chain talent pipeline

Agnieszka Kołodziejek

Agnieszka Kołodziejek

Monitoring Services ESOES Sp. z o.o.

Supply Chain safety

Wiesław Różacki

Wiesław Różacki

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems

The future of energy – how will new trends change the functioning of the economy?

Grzegorz Rusin

Grzegorz Rusin


Innovations in logistics

  • 14:00 
  • 15:00 
  • 16:00 
Summary, thanking and ending the first part of the meeting
  • 16:30 
Networking part
  • 18:00 
Elevator ride up from 320m level 

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