Event photogallery

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10 Experts in 10-minute power speeches about the trends and future of logistics

26th of September 2019

Guido Mine, Zabrze

Welcoming guests by the mining orchestra

 Agnieszka Kołodziejek’s speech about the security of supply chain

Barbara Galińska’s speech about university impact on creating logistics

One of Speakers, Eu Genius, after the speech

Illusionist’s show during networking

Opening the event by Junko Takata from HTS Group

Łukasz Chwalczuk’s speech about the responsibility for the transported goods

Beata Cichocka-Tylman’s speech about using tax reliefs in business development

Adam Chazanow’s speech about changing 3PL service

Teodor Kula and Marek Cvačka with Speakers

Welcoming guests by Teodor Kula and Marek Cvačka

Mariusz Gerałtowski’s speech about employees in the context of supply chain

Monika Duda during expert session, summing up all lectures

Piotr Hanus’s speech about future of logistics

Closing the discussion and summarising

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