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Our goal is your satisfaction. We want to provide you with the exact services you need and work closely with your team to meet all your company’s logistics needs. Efficiency, quality of service and continuous improvement are essential to us. Our approach is summarized in the motto: OUR TEAM FOR YOUR EFFICIENCY.

ESA logistika is one of the leading logistic companies present in three central European countries (Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland). 

ESA logistika focuses on providing complex logistic solutions with the utmost consideration for the environment. In 2009, ESA logistika introduced the “Green 3PL Solutions” logistic product – a product that connects complex logistics (3PL) with minimal environmental impact. In addition to complex logistic solutions ESA logistika also provides individual logistic services, namely transport solutions, storage, distribution logistics, outsourcing solutions, FMCG sale and value-added services (VAS).

The key aim of ESA logistika is to establish and maintain  a long-term relationship with our customers. This fact is reflected in the above-mentioned corporate motto: „Our team for your efficiency” always placing an emphasis on efficient and top-ranking logistic services. 

The company prepares tailor-made solutions for each customer and their needs. Therefore, among other things, extraordinary attention is paid to innovation and continuous development of technologies and processes.


ESA logistika key facts:

More than 30 years years of experience and know-how (the company was officially registered under its current name in 1992, but was established in 1990)

64 % of turnover is generated by customers cooperating with ESA logistika more than 10 years

Representation: The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland

47.9 % of ESA logistika´s turnover is generated by the Green 3PL complex logistic services

Number of owned trucks FY 2023: 260

Storage area FY 2023: 286 000 m2

Company history


The first truck, more precisely moving van, which was how we got our start…


ESA s.r.o., we founded a transport company that has grown since then… 


We started to provide storage services; the simple transport was upgraded to logistics. 


Our subsidiary company in the field of logistics was established in Slovakia



We officially started to provide packaging and goods competition services (VAS).


First outsourcing project of expedition and subsequent services at client’s production site.


We completed construction of our own warehouse in Senec, Slovakia  (19 000 pallet places).


Start of chilled goods distribution.


Joint venture with Hitachi Transport System, Ltd. (51%).


The first ESA logistika branch in Poland (Gliwice).


Opening of new warehouse for chilled goods in Jažlovice, The Czech Republic, (6 000 pallet places).


Launch of project logistics. Transport of technology to the Kozienice power plant (Poland).


AEO certification


We opened 6 new warehouses, increase in storage capacity up to 180 000 pallet places.


Hitachi Transport System, Ltd. (HTS) becomes the sole owner of ESA logistika. (In 2023, HTS was renamed LOGISTEED, Ltd.)*


New ESA logistika slogan (motto):
Our team for your efficiency


Establishment of a specialized department for sea and air transport services.


Leap increase of capacities for fulfillment, reverse logistics and other services for
e-commerce. Takeover of two establishments in Stříbro, including orders.


The branch in Poland became a legal entity: ESA logistika Polska sp. z o.o.

* ESA logistika is part of the global logistic company LOGISTEED, Ltd.

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