Warehousing is an important service that is usually used in combination with other logistics services. ESA logistika manages warehousing spaces that are equipped with modern storing technologies including new manipulation technologies. The company’s warehouses fulfil strict criteria and this fact is proved by certifications. 

The company offers warehousing services in the Czech and Slovak Republic and Poland near major traffic junctions.

 ESA logistika offers storage of goods placed on standard and special pallets and unpalletized goods as well, each available for chilled -mode storage as well. The company also runs customs warehouses and can offer spaces for outdoor storage.

Warehouse network in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovak Republic has a capacity of around 154,000 square meters which represents almost 200,000 pallet spaces, including large handling areas and spaces for copacking services directly in warehouse buildings.

The capacity of refrigerated pallet places is currently 6,700 and will be gradually increased. All refrigerated areas meet the conditions for working with food.

ESA logistika can use warehouses in other European countries or even on other continents in cooperation with Hitachi Transport System.

Multi-client warehouse solutions allow you to take advantage of the synergies of customer needs. This leads to achieving high efficiency of storage activities while maintaining all the quality requirements of our customers.

Warehouse operations are managed by advanced warehouse systems (WMS) and are interconnected with customer information and management systems.

We provide regular reports, inventory reports and other communication, including the possibility of online monitoring of goods flows by our customers.

Warehouses are fully equipped with modern technologies.

Our teams are composed of highly qualified and experienced experts in warehousing processes and handling.

We have 25 years of experience in warehousing and related operations.

Many of ESA logistika customers use the storage services together with the  transport solutions, distribution and customs services including VAS.

We are also able to provide warehouse space and warehousing services on a global scale in cooperation with Hitachi Transport System.

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