Sale of pallets, purchase and repair

ESA logistika has been providing pallet service for more than 20 years. The purchase, repair and sale of pallets is part of more extensive service – Pallet Management Outsourcing which includes comprehensive and high-quality services that provide our clients with a functional pallet pool under control.

We also provide purchase, repair and sale of pallets as individual services for EUR / EPAL pallets.

We provide all pallet services incl. sale of pallets at the address: Prologis Jažlovice complex, Na Dlouhém 90, hall no. 7, ramp no. 25, 25101 Říčany
The pallet service can also include truck transport of pallets according to the customer’s needs.

Prodej palet. Vysokozdvižný vozík odváží naskládané palety k prodeji.

Sale of pallets EUR / EPAL

  • The conditions for the sale of pallets are always negotiated individually in order to set up cooperation with each customer according to his/her needs and requirements.
  • The possibility of one-time purchases or regular purchases of pallets.
  • The sale of pallets may also include transport to the set destination, but it is also possible to sell directly at the address of our pallet service.
  • Pallets are divided into four categories according to the condition and appearance of the pallet (see below).
  • Prices for individual pieces of pallets abide by their classification into categories and by their number.
  • In case of the customer’s interest, a long-term contract can be concluded for the sale of pallets which favours the selling price.
Prodej palet. Opravy palet - pracovník opravující paletu pomocí kladiva a hřebů.

Repairs of  pallets EUR / EPAL

  • Pallet repairs are performed up to 4 elements of damage in certified ways.
  • In case of repairing pallets, it is possible to exchange 1:1 for pallets of the category selected by the customer and a surcharge, if there additionally turn up some pallets that cannot be repaired (certified assessment), the difference will be charged.
  • At the customer’s request, repairs of his/her specific pallets can be performed (not in an exchangeable way), while unrepairable pallets (certified assessment) can be returned or disposed of.
  • A disposal report can be issued for unrepairable pallets.
  • The pallet repair service may include collection and transport to the destination, however, it is also possible to take or deliver pallets directly from/to the address of our pallet service.
Prodej palet. Obrázek vozidla, které přiváží palety určené k nákupu. Otevřené zadní dveře s pohledem na ložnou plochu zaplněnou paletami.

Purchase of  pallets EUR / EPAL

  • We buy back only EUR / EPAL pallets.
  • We offer the classification of pallets into individual categories (see below).
  • Prices for individual pallets according to the classification into categories are individual and abide by their number and previous individual offer.
  • We are able to take the pallets intended for purchase from the destination set by the customer.
  • After agreement, pallets can be bought back directly at the address of our pallet service.
  • In case of the customer’s interest, a long-term contract can be concluded for the purchase of pallets, which favours the purchase price.
Prodej palet - Outsourcing paletového hospodářství. Pohled do paletového depa, kde jsou ve skladovém racku vyskládány palety uskladněné pro zákazníky.

Pallet Management Outsourcing

  • Comprehensive management of the customer’s pallet pool.
  • Records of purchase, repairs and sale of pallets according to the quantity, needs and conditions agreed with the customer.
  • Storage of the customer’s stock pool and its categorization.
  • Transport and collection of pallets to/from the place specified by the customer.
  • Discarding and disposal of excessively damaged pallets, their replacement and disposal protocol.
  • Use of sequence connections to other logistics services.
  • Guarantee of pallet availability according to customer requirements and deadlines.
  • Other services

Division of pallets into four basic categories.

Prodej palet. Příklad nové neopotřebované palety.

Pallet EUR / EPAL „new“

  • bright, new pallet from production
Prodej palet. Příklad palety typu A. Téměř nová, světlá, neopotřebovaná paleta.

Pallet EUR / EPAL „A“

  • Bright, used only little
Prodej palet. Příklad palety typu B. Stále plně funkční, nepoškozená paleta tmavší barvy vlivem používání.

Pallet EUR / EPAL „B“

  • Fully functional, undamaged
  • Darker colours due to longer circulation period
Prodej palet. Příklad palety typu C. Paleta je s minimální poškozením po opravě s plnou nosností.

Pallet EUR / EPAL „C“

  • With minimal damage without affecting the load capacity of the pallet
  • Darker and bright colours

Purchase, repairs and sale of pallets – explanation of the concept of EUR / EPAL pallets:

The EUR / EPAL pallet is a European four-way wooden interchangeable pallet, measuring 800 x 1200 x 144 mm (hereinafter referred to as the pallet), corresponding to the KODEX standard of the International Union of Railways (UIC) No. 435-2. Manufactured and quality tested and marked according to the ČSN 26 9110 standard. This standard imposes on manufacturers how pallets are to be designed, marked and also how their inspection is to be performed. More about pallet standards: Czech state standards

Basic designation of new pallets:

New EUR pallets:

  • The UIC mark is on the left cube of the pallet.
  • On the centre cube of the pallet is the IPPC identification, as well as the UIC production clip, which is proof that the pallet was manufactured under a license.
  • On the right cube of the pallet is the EUR mark.

New EPAL pallets:

  • The left and right cubes of the pallet are marked with EPAL.
  • On the centre cube of the pallet is again the IPPC identification and the EPAL production clip, which proves that the pallet was manufactured under a license

Structure of EUR / EPAL pallets:

20 individual wooden elements of pallets (planks and cubes), dimensions are given in mm:

  • 4 planks 22 x 145 x 1200 (1 bottom plank milled on both sides)
  • 4 planks 22 x 100 x 1200 (2 bottom planks milled on both sides)
  • 3 planks 22 x 145 x 800 (ledge)
  • 6 cubes 78 x 100 x 145 (can be pressed)
  • 3 cubes 78 x 145 x 145 (can be pressed)
  • 78 nails (54 big, 24 small)
  • EUR / EPAL weighs circa 20 – 24 kg

Links to pallet certification instances:

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