Description of the storage process

ESA logistika operates warehouse spaces that are equipped with modern storage technologies including new handling technologies. The company’s warehouses fulfil strict criteria and this fact is proved by certification. Warehousing is an important service that is usually used in combination with other logistic services.


1.Receipt of goods

  • goods unloading from containers, vehicles, etc.
  • quality and quantity entry check
  • pallet, bundle and individual goods packaging
  • input of required information in the information system (batch, expiration, production number, etc.)
  • electronic confirmation reception of goods
  • storage of goods

2. Assembling of customer’s requests

  • possibility to choose the FIFO or FEFO preparation system
  • VAS customizations
  • preparation of orders according to the customer’s requirements
  • possibility to prepare defined units – pieces, bundles, pallets
  • preparation with the use of barcode readers
  • preparation according to batches, pallet numbers or production numbers
  • processing of respective orders

3. Expedition

  • packaging according to the requirements of customers or end users
  • full goods inspection
  • additional, i.e. customs clearance procedures required for the expedition of goods to certain destinations
  • electronic confirmation of the dispatch of goods from the warehouse (data in the required structure and content)
  • provision of documents requested for the order with the dispatched goods

4. Administration and reporting in storage


  • trackability of goods
  • automatic sending of daily and monthly reports at the client’s request
  • possibility to set a specific design and the content of documentation related to the end user  
  • possibility of users’ report generation
  • administrative processing of warehouse operations
  • possible data input directly in the customer’s information system
  • electronic data exchange with the customers’ systems (SAP, Helios, etc.)
  • web interface for on-line access to storage records
  • saved camera records

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