Rail transport

Rail transport belongs irreplacably to the transport services of ESA logistika. Rail transport is effective and ecological solution for goods which does not require express transport and  for less sensitive goods.

ESA logistika offers container rail transportation from Baltic ports to the markets in Middle and East Europe and also handling of containers to international supplier chnages. One of the main projects nad directions which we develope in terms of ESA logistika structure is rail connection between Europe and Far East esp. China

Rail transport - important part of transportation - freight train - red electric locomotive with wagons

Rail transport between Europe and Asia

We are part of the global logistic company LOGISTEED, Ltd. and this helps us manage the entire supply chain within the New Silk Road project.
Door-to-door transport is our standard thanks to a perfect operational connection with other companies involved in this transport, including the transport of goods from the destination and final distribution to end customers. The rail link between Europe and Asia represents a reasonable compromise between cost and duration of transport compared to air or sea transport.

Rail transport from southern Europe.

Another significant direction and market which is subject matter of our interest  are rail connection between Pireus port and destinations in Middle and East Europe.
We are able to organize two-way rail transport also from other ports, e.g.  from Trieste or some ports in Turkey.

Railways and transport of oversized loads.

Rail transportation is an important part of project logistics services. With the use of special railway technology, they enable the transport of oversized loads in many cases more efficient, safer and more predictable compared to other modes of transport.

Range of ESA logistika customers use rail transport services in connection with customs services and warehousing services incl. VAS.

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