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ESA logistika offers comprehensive logistic services for all infrastructure projects starting with consultancy and engineering and ending with realisation. Take a look at our case studies.


Railways transport of heavy cargo

1. Kozienice project

Within its project logistics service, ESA logistika in 2013 participated in the project of turbine modernisation at the power plant in city of Kozienice, Poland. This two-years project consisted of the transport of approximately 900 components weighing up to 460 tonnes. Within the project, ESA logistika performed the following activities:

  • analysis, optimisation and selection of road transport routes,
  • obtaining all necessary permits for transport realisation,
  • staffing during the road part of transport,
  • realisation of road and railway transport on Polish territory for standard and oversized components supplied to Kozienice from Japan,
  • realisation of road, railway and naval transport for oversized components delivered to Kozienice from production facilities in Germany, the Netherlands and Spain,
  • coordination of information flow in the international team established for this project.

In addition to comprehensive solutions like this, ESA logistika offers transport of single oversized units and related services.


Project logistics - case studies - handling of heavy cargo in port
Project logistics - case studies - Specialized handling in ports and railway transport

2. Specialized handling in ports and railway transport

Railway transport of oversized loads requires comprehensive technical knowledge and highly developed planning and realisation abilities on the hauler’s side. 

Railway transport of oversized loads

ESA logistika is an expert in proposing methods of transport and supporting activities that contribute to the smooth functioning of the whole logistic operation. The company can also provide services related to handling in the destination port.

As an example, ESA logistika managed successful railway transport within the Kozienice project. All loads transported by railway were extremely sensitive and highly important for the power plant. Any damage or delay would threaten the whole project of the power plant’s modernization. This fact could be seen in the increased costs of the operation planning and ensuring the full security of the transported technology.

Load preparation to railway transport.

The key preparatory activities coordinated by the ESA logistika’s team related to loading the oversized load on a special railway carriage were as follows:

  • removal of slides and other grippings used for naval transport,
  • unmounting of protective covers for naval transport, mounting the protective covers for transport in a railway carriage; cleaning, applying silicon and greasing bolts.

All the above-mentioned measures enabled the loading and safe delivery of the load to the destination in accordance with the approved time schedule.

The customer was provided with real-time information about the business case process thanks to ESA logistika’s comprehensive system of reports.

Project logistics - case studies - multimodal trensport

3. Multimodal transport

ESA logistika offers diverse ways of transport and their combinations. The company can propose and manage the transport from supplier to customer.

The fact that all activities are coordinated by one company without any external cooperation is one of the biggest competitive advantages of ESA logistika; this enabled the company’s project team to propose and realise the multimodal transport of the oversized load from Spain to Poland.  

In this business case, ESA logistika carried out especially the following activities:

  • road transport from production facility to the Spanish port of Bilbao,
  • haulage re-loading from trailer to cargo ship (four parts, each approx. 100 tonnes),
  • naval transport from Spain to the Gdynia port in Poland,
  • port handling and haulage re-loading from cargo ship to trailers,
  • road transport to the final destination in central Poland.

Due to the critically excessive dimensions of the load, the planning phase took a significant amount of time. However, thanks to the professional approach of the ESA logistika realization team, each operation was completed successfully and on time.


Project logistics - case studies - managing of cargo

4. Additional services 

Based on the client’s request, the ESA logistika project team coordinated, supervised and managed the preparatory work for the naval export of goods from Poland to Japan.

ESA logistika carries out the following activities and operations:

  • securing a certified packaging company to produce packages suitable for the transported technology,
  • creation of a plan for container loading,
  • container ordering,
  • necessary reservations related to this business case,
  • container transport to port,
  • export customs clearance,
  • container loading on a cargo ship.

Packaging started right in the production facility and ESA logistika had to complete this work in one day due to limited available space and access to a bridge crane.  

Loading the goods to containers and ensuring its full stability for the absolute security of the shipment to Japan were our key operations. 

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