The new slogan “OUR TEAM FOR YOUR EFFICIENCY” includes three basic ideas: the significance of integrity and teamwork of all ESA logistika employees, customer focus and the emphasis on efficiency and hence on quality and productivity.

“We want to express through our slogan that although ESA logistika employs more than 1,500 people in several countries, we are one team with one goal. This is the goal of mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers. We want to provide exactly the services the customers require and work closely with them to meet their logistical needs. Efficiency, service quality and their continuous improvement is absolutely essential for us. Effective logistics is very important for the overall efficiency of any company and therefore we believe that our clients also perceive the value of our services as an important part of their business” explains Marek Cvačka, Managing Director of ESA logistika.

ESA logistika introduced the new slogan to its employees during a number of meetings, on its magazine pages and through other activities. “We have dedicated a great effort to introduce the new slogan because our view is certainly not only formal overlaying of the signboard. In essence, the slogan ideas are not entirely new for my colleagues from ESA logistika. We have just replaced several elements of our corporate philosophy with one, new and clear message. We are well aware that in a situation of lack of capacity in the market, efficiency is the only way to further development. “Adds Jindřich Karas, Marketing Director in ESA logistika.

The new slogan will be used only in English language with respect to international reach of ESA Group.