Following the flooding in June in Kladno, the ČČK regional association in Kladno, in cooperation with the Fire Brigade and the Town Police organized a collection of furniture and electrical appliances for families who were victims of the floods in the village of Křešice. ČČK also asked our company to arrange the transport of the collection to this village; we were one of the companies which offered transport completely free of charge. A six-tonne solo vehicle with a hydraulic face was used for the transport. Although it took more time than expected, we were only too pleased to help. The Director of ČČK Kladno, Stanislava Klicmanová-Maříková, personally thanked us. An ESA member of staff also organized a financial collection to help the village of Zálezlice na Mělnicku village which was badly affected by the floods in June.
More than CZK 14,000 was collected in just two days, along with other material gifts; everything was donated by our staff.
We used the money to purchase detergents, lubricating agents, buckets, brooms, mops, bags for waste, packaged drinking water, cleaning detergents and other items to help the inhabitants of Zálezlice to recover from the floods.
We wish to thank our colleagues for their help.