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Students and graduates


Students and fresh graduates

We believe that cooperation with young talents and schools can be beneficial for both sides. That is why we offer wide range of activities and way of cooperation, so you can gain experience which can be perfect base for your professional and personal development.

We can offer students: 

Summer/part time jobs and internships

We offer opportunity to validate school theory in reality to students who consider future career in logistics. You can gain considerable experience and expertise already during studies, those can result in strong cooperation after graduation.

Cooperation on master/bachelor thesis

We offer help with thesis to university students. We gladly provide expert consultation, data and information from practice. In return we get inspired by your outcomes and ideas.

Cooperation with schools

We actively cooperate with vocational schools, high schools and universities. We do not only share suitable job opportunities we also offer field trips into our operation platform and warehouses as well as expert workshops for students.

 Do you want to cooperate with us? We are looking forward to your contact!

Contact – The Czech Republic:

Petra Patáková

Phone: +420 602 298 745
Address: ESA logistika, Oldřichova 158, 27203 Kladno

Contact – Slovakia:

Andrea Šottníková

Phone: +421 2 208 30 110
Address: ESA LOGISTIKA, Diaľničná cesta 12, 903 01  Senec

Agnieszka Rybałtowska

Contact – Poland:

Agnieszka Rybałtowska

Phone: +48 571 309 179
Address: ESA logistika, ul. Zwycięstwa 10, 44-100 Gliwice