ESA logistika transport vehicles

Volvo distribution vehicle for transport of goods with controlled temperature

The trailer for building materials enables fast loading and unloading

Large-volume “XXL” truck for transport of goods in a temperature-controlled mode

Tandem set

Event logistics

Al-Namura truck

We tested a CNG semi-trailer tractor

Transport outsourcing

On road

ESA logistika parking site in Kladno (CZ)

Somebody prefers solo

Sunrise “on a loading ramp”

New trucks with new design and slogan “Our Team for Your Efficiency”

Iveco distribution vehicles for our Slovak branch in Senec

IVECO distribution vehicle for transport of goods in temperature-controlled mode

3 axle truck tractor with tarpaulin semi-trailer

New truck for our Slovak colleagues

Rudolf Jelínek truck

LNG Scania vehicle test

Silo unloading

New MAN TGX before the first run

Meeting before shift

Tandem set – the first loading

We are able to supply to everyone who asks..

And three more Volvo distribution vehicles with cooling semi-trailer body

Building material unloading right in the construction site

Small distribution vehicle for transport of goods in temperature – controlled mode

On duty for TESCO

New Renault distribution vehicles

CNG distribution vehicle

Test of Iveco LNG vehicle

Small distribution vehicle – “cricket”

4x Volvo…and right to the work!

Warm in winter, cool in summer

White suits them

Just a minute and well go

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