Mariusz Gerałtowski, Polish Supply Management Leaders

Competence gap and Supply Chain talent pipeline


Supply chain purchasing and innovation strategist. MBA graduate with over 20 years of experience in corporate purchasing (P&G, Pepsico, GSK, Novartis). He had worked in Switzerland managing purchases at the regional level (Emerging Growth Markets, Europe) and global (Head Global Sourcing Marketing). He built global strategies for purchasing categories with annual expenses of USD 2 billion, implemented savings budgets up to USD 200 million. Co-creator of the global purchasing strategy for the function of about 1,000 employees. Creator of the global innovation strategy for the abovementioned functions and innovative purchasing processes. Deeply convinced that Shopping can generate significant value for an organization (solving business problems) by modifying contemporary purchasing processes and building new qualifications. He returned to Poland with the aspiration to build a competence center (theoretical and practical) from Poland on a European scale.