Red noses, XXXXL colored shoes, crazy caps, coats with large buttons, wheels with only one wheel, but there is much more. In our SID warehouse in Kladno, clowns from Chance for Children have set up their supply base.

Not only do they have free storage services but our staff welcomed them with pleasure and admiration for their work. They are not “ordinary” clowns but clowns with specialization. Don’t get it? It is easy. These clowns visit the children’s wards in hospitals and make children smile (often adults) even in situations that are not happy. It means especially for children (scientifically proven) that good mood, joy and laughter multiply the effect of their regular treatment.

ESA logistika has worked with Chance for Children in the past by providing financial support to this organization. Now, we have found a new way of cooperation that suits both sides. We just give them what we know very well, warehouse services and a place in our warehouse. What will they give us?
We also have an answer to that. We received an e-mail from Chance for Children, they asked us to send a logo to their website and wrote, “The logo will indicate that you support us and hopefully we’ll reimburse you for your help”.

Certainly, the logo on the website is not the main thing. The important thing is that ESA logistika employees, can now feel that we could involve on the smile on every child’s face thanks to hospital clowns.

See the photos below, our colleagues tried to teach using barcode reader one of a very funny clowns from Chance for Children: