ESA logistika took over the activities of Vlková Partners s.r.o. based in Stříbro. These are mainly value-added services (VAS) as part of reverse logistics* provided to companies in the field of online sales.

Vlková Partners gradually expanded thanks to the provision of support services in the field of e-commerce, especially for one of the leading European internet merchants. ESA logistika already provided part of these activities for the company Vlková Partners, and the resulting partnership ultimately resulted in an agreement to take over the activities of this company with regard to their future growth potential. The step taken is fully in line with the development strategy of the Hitachi Transport System group as the owner of ESA logistika. He also confirmed the joint intention of Hitachi Transport System and ESA logistika to expand their scope in new areas, including through acquisitions.

As a result of lifestyle changes during the COVID-19 pandemic and the high popularity of online shopping, the European e-commerce market has become the third largest after China and the US and is expected to grow further. Europe and the US are characterized by a high return rate in e-commerce, and therefore their volume continues to increase as the market grows. This entails higher demands on reverse logistics and related services. At the same time, managing the process of returning products and their re-inclusion in the offer is considered one of the key factors for the success of e-commerce.

* Value Added Services (VAS – Value Added Services) provide packaging, labelling, assembly and other special treatment of goods. Reverse logistics ensures the reverse flow of goods or returnable packaging from sellers to manufacturers or traders.