We have expanded our storage capacity by 4,500 square meters of leased warehouse space in Prologis Park Prague-D1 Ostředek situated on the 34 km km of the D1 motorway.

We have a separate part of the warehouse area at our disposal and we are already using the warehouse space of this new building, but a complete move awaits it in the coming months. All newly leased space is intended for one of our specific customers. “The move to Prologis Park Prague-D1 Ostředek will be a significant step forward for our work. The location is crucial for providers of logistics solutions, and Ostředek allows us quick and easy access both to Prague and to other areas throughout the Czech Republic and beyond, ”says Marek Cvačka, CEO of ESA Logistika.

The warehouse will be equipped with handling equipment and reach trucks. So far, it will be used for storage and handling of entire pallets of goods, but in the future, thanks to 14 ramps and handling space, it can also be used as a crossdock. There is also the possibility of using the office space by the customer on site.

The warehouse building in Ostředek is equipped with energy-saving LED lighting, intelligent measuring systems and stronger wall and roof insulation that reduces energy costs. The park will go through the BREEAM sustainability accreditation process in order to obtain a rating of at least “Very Good”.