New handling trucks have arrived in our warehouse in Jažlovice in the past few days. We took over 5 “airplanes” – order picking trucks Toyota OME 100H Optio and two reachtrucks RRE 140H, all electrically powered.

We use the reachtrucks to stack goods on pallets, especially on the higher floors of the racking systems. On the other hand, picking is done from the lower floors and involves picking orders consisting of many different types of goods according to client orders. The OME 100H system, known as the “airplane”, lifts the worker and the pallet they are picking from, allowing us to extend the picking points to the higher levels of the racking up to 12m high. (see pictures) The Toyota Optio line of forklifts is designed to work efficiently in the cold environment of our chilled warehouses for food.