Since the beginning of January our company has become a general partner of the floorball club Tatran Střešovice. We have been the official partner of the club since 2021 and the new position of general partner further deepens the mutual cooperation. The new name of the men’s A-team will be ESA Logistika Tatran Střešovice.

“We have found a partner who is top in his field and we have a lot in common and understand each other. We want to help Tatran to grow and achieve excellent results, which is also our corporate goal. This also opens up more space for promoting our name and business. It is a win-win cooperation. Moreover, floorball is close to our hearts, because it is a collective, tactical sport in which top players succeed, but only if they really play as a team, which is also true in logistics,” Marek Cvačka, Managing Director of ESA Logistika comments on the reasons for deepening the cooperation.

Marek Cvačka, Managing Director of ESA Logistika and Jakub Menhart, General Manager of Tatran Střešovice confirm the partnership of both companies.

We have been cooperating with Tatran Střešovice since 2021.

The Tatran truck cannot be missed either on the road or before a Tatran match.

In 2021, ESA Logistika became a partner of the film made for the 30th anniversary of Tatran and later also an official partner of the club. “I am glad that the development of our cooperation has reached the level of general partnership. During our cooperation, we have prepared a number of joint activities and projects, such as matches for the Motol University Hospital or training sessions for children from children’s homes together with the Chance4Children organization,” says Jakub Menhart, General Manager of Tatran Střešovice, and adds: “Now, thanks to this cooperation, we have gained stability and a partner who is passionate about our activities and will help us not only financially, but also with his know-how that will help advance our entire organisation. I look forward to our future cooperation and I believe we have many successful years ahead of us.” 

The support of ESA logistika is not only directed to the superleague and extra-league team, but will be used for the whole club, including other children and junior teams. Through Tatran, the company also supports events in the districts of Prague 6 and Prague 17, where the club operates. A semi-trailer in Tatran colours from the ESA Logistika fleet, which has also “starred” in the club’s video clips, is a source of great attention not only among floorball fans. 

With almost 50 thousand active players floorball is the second most common sport in the Czech Republic. Tatran Střešovice is historically the most successful Czech floorball club – it has wone forty titles and its men’s team has become national champion 17 times. Its members are regularly nominated to the Czech national team. Marek Benes was ranked fourth in the list of the most successful floorball players in the world by the Swedish online magazine Innebandymagazinet. The Tatran floorball “family” now numbers more than 1,300 players in various age categories.