The ESA employees’ charity fund and ESA logistika donated a financial gift to the Kladno Regional Hospital for the purchase of device in the amount of almost CZK 150,000. New medical technology that helps to increase hospital capacity diagnostic and therapeutic care, will serve patients in the internal medical ward. The gift took over from the representatives of ESA logistika the head of the internal medical ward MUDr. Ivo Podpěra with the participation of the Kladno hospital management. It was possible to purchase from the donated funds some device enabling higher blood oxygenation (HFNO), finger pulse oximeters and aids for respiratory rehabilitation in case of health complications after covid-19. 

According to MUDr. Ivo Podpěra, the senior doctor of the internal medical ward: “These apparatuses wil be used in the internal medical ward for patients not only in the acute phase of Covid disease, but also will be used for successive care if their condition gets worse again.“ MUDr. Ivo Podpěra especially appreciates non-invasive breath support: “This equipment enables to eliminate in some cases intubation with succesive mechanical ventilation which later considerably improves their chances for survival, and it also shortens the length of patient´s stay in the intensive care unit and it makes healthcare workers´ job easier.“ 

“We have decided to help in the fight against coronavirus infection and support one of regional medical centers in the current situation. One half of the financial gift was raised by Charity fund of ESA employees and the other half was donated by company ESA logistika. In this way we help to finance a lot of other projects and together with our employees we participate in decision making about direction of our help.“ said Marek Cvačka, Managing Director of ESA logistika and continues: “In this case the decision to help Kladno hospital was quick and easy. From the beginning thanks to the senior doctor of the medical internal ward we knew which apparatuses would be bought and that they will help to save lives of Covid-19 patients.“ 

The senior doctor of the internal medical ward describes the financial donation aiming to improve apparatus equipment as a great gesture: “It is amazing that companies and other institutions are seeking common values at this time of epidemic and people are coming up with different ways to help each other. We would like to thank ESA logistika very much. The purchased apparatuses are currently used.“ 

The deputy of The Regional Kladno Hospital Ing. Michal Feix expressed his gratitude: “I personally appreciate voluntary help of people in this complicated time. We would really like to thanks ESA logistika and we are grateful for any provided help and gifts from companies, community and people.“

In the photo from the left are:

Ing. Michal Feix, Deputy of The Regional Kladno Hospital
Ing. Marek Cvačka, Managing Director ESA logistika
MUDr. Ivo Podpěra, Senior doctor of the internal medical ward of The Kladno Regional Hospital
MUDr. Tomáš Heřman, ICU Chief Doctor of the internal medical ward of The Kladno Regional Hospital