On the occasion of ESA’s participation in Retail Business Mixer 2017 we created a set of coctails that express the taste of our services, for example ……

This idea was succesful so we give you all recipes. Now you can taste ESA logistics anywhere you want:  

  • 1.Green 3 Pl (our comprehensive logistics service = full logistics service to our client) – no alcohol:   3cl Curacao syrup + pour coffee Mr.Brown
  • 2.Esa logistika (our brand coctail, which became the most popular ) : 4cl Vodka, 10cl Cranberyy juice, 5cl Grapefruit juice, Lime
  • 3.Air and sea (logistics service included air and see transportation, the second favorite coctail): 4cl Vodka, 2cl Curacao, 15cl Sprite, Orange juice
  • 4.XXL- super long vehicle (our giga vehicle which has a capacity up 56 europallets) – no alcohol: 2cl Banana syrup, 2 cl Grenadina syrup,15cl Orange juice, Pinneapple
  • 5.WH (abreviation warehousing, i.e. warehouse services): 4cl Tequila, Big Shock Gold, Lime
  • 6.VAS (Value Added Services, i.e., copacking, bundling, etc.): 4cl Malibu, Coffee Mr.Brown, 5cl Pineapple juice, Orange juice
  • 7.Transport solutions (domestic and internationl transportation) – no alcohol: 3cl Coconut syrup, 8 cl Cranberry juice, 8cl Pineapple juice
  • 8.Heavy Cargo (transportation of oversized loads) – be careful is it really heavy: 2cl Vodka, 2cl Gin, 2cl Tequila, 2cl Rum, Big Shock

We are looking forward to hearing you at: info@esa-logistics.eu